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ZalaZONE in Hungary is a cutting-edge, 250-hectare automotive testing hub,
specializing in both standard and advanced vehicle types.
It's a nexus for R&D, collaboration, education,
and knowledge-sharing in the automotive industry.

About ZalaZONE InnoTech

ZalaZONE InnoTech Nonprofit Ltd. is responsible for the coordination of the non-economic research and development utilization of the ZalaZONE Automotive Proving Ground. Furthermore, it is commissioned with the task of introducing the facility and its research and development activities to the public. The company also pursues research in the fields of sustainable energy solutions and precision agriculture technologies.

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Mobility Forum 2024 Vienna

On May 16th, “Mobility Forum 2024 Vienna” was organized at the Hungarian Embassy in Vienna. The forum offered the opportunity to present the ZalaZONE ecosystem (test track and science park)…

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The ZalaZONE automotive test track in Zalaegerszeg, which is unique in Europe, combines innovative research activities with vehicle dynamics, physical track elements and self-driving technologies, as well as digital infrastructures.



Meteorological conditions have a serious impact on both the operation of transport and traffic systems and their energy efficiency. In the energy supply, the data represent critical input information from the point of view of production, storage, and consumption in order to ensure proper planning. In the project, we will establish a regional meteorological system in the ZalaZONE environment that can improve the energy efficiency of different use cases and provide decision support through meteorological models, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Nowadays, due to the challenges posed by climate change, overpopulation and aging societies, sustainable agricultural technologies and precision agriculture are increasingly emphasized.
The aim of the project is the development and demonstration of autonomous and precision agricultural technologies, the collaboration of autonomous agricultural systems, and the research of sustainable technological solutions for agricultural land management among the possibilities
provided by ZalaZONE.

One of the test modules of the ZalaZONE test track is the so-called SmartCity, a research and test environment with 2D buildings and a road network. This test environment is suitable for developing and testing innovative use cases that can be interpreted in an urban environment.
In the project, we are looking for technological solutions for relevant use cases in an urban environment, we can compare them and develop them into a system that works in a real environment. The main directions are the validation of sensor and system concepts, the utilization of the advantages provided by IoT technologies (measurability, monitoring, controllability, complexity)
with typically urban infrastructures.

A continuous and reliable energy supply has become one of the basic needs of the people in the modern age, and within this, electricity is gaining more and more space. Electricity operates not only a significant part of homes and industrial facilities, but also critical infrastructures such as hospitals,
law enforcement, national defense and border protection systems, communication systems, etc. The importance of energetic resilience is also demonstrated by the experiences of recent conflicts.
In the project, we are looking for solutions to energy challenges that help the planning and creation of energy communities, as well as offer solutions to emergency situations. An important element of the project is a simulation and test environment in which renewable energy production, energy storage and consumption units can be flexibly and modularly integrated, and their operation can be optimized according to energetic needs and environmental conditions. With a containerized energy solution, we are looking for a scalable and grid-independent solution to meet emergency energy


Research and innovation activities on the ZalaZONE Automotive Proving Ground cover the non-economic usage of the research infrastructure.
Accordingly, our activities are carried out in following 4 areas

Collaborative Research - R&D
Collaborative R&I means collaboration between at least two independent parties, where the parties jointly define the scope, contribute to its implementation, and share its risks and results
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Education - EDU
Our mission is to educate and prepare for engineering and technical professions related to ZalaZONE activities.
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Wide Dissemination
Research results will be disseminated widely, on a non-exclusive and non-discriminatory basis such as through education, open access databases, open publications, or open source software.
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Knowledge Transfer
Knowledge transfer means any process which has the aim of acquiring, collecting, and sharing explicit and tacit knowledge.
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