ZalaZONE attended NATO Innovation Network Conference


In coordination of the Hungarian Ministry of Defence, ZalaZONE Research & Innovation attended the NATO Innovation Network virtual conference on 17th January 2023

The conference, organized by the NATO Innovation Network of Defence Open Innovation Entities attracted more than 500 attendees and aimed to initiate interactive discussions with innovation practitioners and solution seekers across NATO, and learn to develop solutions quickly and efficiently.

In Panel 5 Autonomy, our competent speakers, Zsolt SZALAY, Ph.D, Head of ZalaZONE R&I, Daniel Rohacs, PhD, President of Hungarian Drone Coalition, and Andras Hary, CEO of ZalaZONE Industrial Park Ltd. introduced ZalaZONE as a NATO DIANA Test Centre. Coordinated by two moderators Lorant Kovacs and Huszti Levente, speakers also explored the challenges of testing of autonomous systems and AI based technologies and the current state of the technology, potential applications and identified the safety, ethical, legal, and security issues that need to be addressed to ensure the responsible and secure use of autonomous and AI powered systems.

During the conference, many interested participants visited the Hungary Innovation booth where they could attend Imre Porkolab‘s presentation about Hungarian Defence Innovation Initiative and chat with innovation experts from the Ministry of National Defense, the University of Győr and Pécs, as well as the ZalaZONE Automotive Proving Ground. 

Many thanks to the Hungarian Ministry of Defence for the opportunity!