The afternoon when everyone could enter ZalaZONE


On May 19th, on the ZalaZONE Test Track Day, the gates of the ZalaZONE Automotive Proving Ground were opened for the public.

Since the foundation stone of ZalaZONE was laid on May 19, 2017, we have held an open house every year in May with the aim of familiarizing interested visitors with the modules and the activities – which is not possible during normal operation- and to arouse the interest of younger generations for an engineering career.

That afternoon, around half a thousand visitors could see the modules, try out elements, see simulations, and meet the robots developed by researchers from the Széchenyi István University Győr.

Guests could also get insight into the operation of the proving ground and the research and development activities taking place on the track elements, presented by colleagues from the Vehicle Industry Research Center and Digital Development Center of the István Széchenyi University.

Thanks to the Zala County Fire Department and the Police Headquarters, guests could experience disaster preparedness, as well as rescue and police performances. Children could go karting in the Smart City and try out the road safety demonstration of HUMDA Zrt.

In January 2023, the foundation and maintenance rights of the 250-hectare facility with 10 modules were transferred to the Széchenyi István University Foundation. The university incubation and accommodation building and the research center next to the test track were built last year. ZalaZONE is also one of the bases of the University of Győr’s student car racing competition teams.