High-ranking NATO and EU military guests on ZalaZONE


High-ranking NATO and EU military guests visited ZalaZONE on June 13, 2022, as part of the V4 Chief of Defence meeting recently organized in Hungary. In the program, experts sought answers how the V4 countries can work together in the future in the areas of “transformation and innovation”. The visit is also relevant because of ZalaZONE’s candidacy for one of NATO’s Test Centers in Hungary.

Guests saw presentations about the ZalaZONE Research and Innovation activities, as well as the broader ZalaZONE ecosystem. After the interactive indoor and outdoor demonstrations presented by the Budapest University of Technology and the Széchenyi István University, guests went to a proving ground tour and visited the new track modules.

On the Dynamic Platform, they could experience autonomous drifting while sitting as passengers in the BMW, and on the ADAS Surface, they were able to control a military vehicle without a driver remotely, sitting in a cabin on the side of the track module.

The program ended with a tour in the Rheinmetall factory and off-road test track being built in the ZalaZONE Industrial Park next to the proving ground.

You can read more about the visit on the website of the Hungarian Defence Forces HERE