Bosch Group establishes R&D centre at ZalaZONE


Bosch Group has announced the establishment of a new research and development center next to the ZalaZONE Automotive Proving Ground in Zalaegerszeg. Focus of the activities in Zala will be on testing and developing technologies that will shape the automotive industry of the future, including electric and self-driving vehicles.

The company’s accent is on developments and testing related to driving assistance systems and autonomous driving, including the implementation of radar and camera-based systems or LIDAR-based distance detection for laser-based remote sensing.

The buildings are scheduled to be handed over at the end of 2023 and the full investment will be completed in 2025.

Researchers from Robert Bosch Kft., ZalaZONE and the Budapest University of Technology and Economics have been working closely together for years, for example at the ZalaZONE Automotive Proving Ground. We hope that the establishment of the new development center is also the result of the successful joint work, which will enable the implementation of further projects and closer cooperation.