Norbert Michelisz was testing on ZalaZONE


At the end of August 2021 WTCR champion Norbert Michelisz and the M1RA Team tested the new track elements in extreme conditions with their Hyundai i30 N TCR racing car on the ZalaZONE test track.  

Dr. Zsolt Szalay, head of Research and Innovation of ZalaZONE stated that with the test track built with the help of government investment, they must meet the social expectation of providing opportunities for Hungarian motorsport. Through research collaboration with BME Automated Drive, they also aim to increase the number of young people interested in engineering careers that can potentially be well prepared engineers in the future. 

The test track can provide an appropriate professional environment for engineers, which not only allows traditional vehicle tests, but it is also suitable for a unique testing of the support systems of self-driving vehicles. With the partnership of ZalaZONE, BME Automated Drive works on several exciting projects such as HD map models, moving platform development, intelligent infrastructure testing and so much more.