NémoGREEN project closing conference at ZalaZONE


On November 23, the NémoGREEN project closing conference was held at the ZalaZONE Conference Center with the participation of nearly 100 interested professionals. The project was implemented on the initiative of the Némotrans Kft. based in Vép, in cooperation with several companies, institutions and the Széchenyi István University.

In the project, started in August, a natural gas-powered truck equipped with solar panels on the trailer’s roof was tested. The green truck was compared to a conventional vehicle consisting of a diesel tractor and semi-trailer. The testing infrastructure was provided by the ZalaZONE Automotive Proving Ground.

During the measurements, the most effective system settings and driving technical characteristics were also determined. The results were presented both in theory and in practice at the end of the project.

The company, initiating the project has been involved in international transport since 1995. According to owner Zoltán Németh, the project idea was formulated two years ago during a consultation with a German partner. In their fleet, they have got two three-axle vehicle assemblies, whose engines run on compressed natural gas (LNG), equipped with solar panels on the semi-trailers top. The emissions of this engine are significantly lower than diesel engines commonly used in road transport. Solar panels play an important role during downtime, e.g. they contribute to the energy supply of air conditioning.

The two IVECO trucks with 460 horsepower can travel 1,600 kilometers with one refuelling. In Western Europe, the LNG network is well developed, so filling the tanks is not a problem. In addition to environment protection, cheaper operation is also an advantage.

The conference was also welcomed by MP László Vigh, ministerial commissioner of the test track, and Prof. Dr. László Palkovics, chairman of the board of trustees of the Széchenyi István University. He reminded, that transportation is responsible for a fifth of global energy consumption. That’s why environmentally friendly solutions like this are crucial.

Photos: Media Center Zalaegerszeg