Students from Budapest explored ZalaZONE


On the Innovation Day on March 4 at the Eötvös József High School in Budapest students could choose from 25 companies they wanted to learn more about. Thus, a group from one of the best high schools in the country came to the ZalaZONE Automotive Proving Ground in Zalaegerszeg. The students between 13 and 18 were first briefed at the conference center on the elements of the proving ground and on its activities, followed by a professional site tour. In Smart City, they witnessed a test of a drone-based surveillance system, during which a flying drone detected inappropriate objects on the track. They then entered the Control Center, where staff is monitoring the movement of vehicles with cameras and satellites. In the simulation room of the Research and Technology Center, the students were able to try out how to ride through the elements of the test track on a driving simulator. We believe that a career is largely a matter of chance or inspiration, so we consider it important to have direct contact with educational institutions to familiarize students with our activities as early as possible. We welcome students from all high schools in the country, hoping to build a lifelong commitment to their engineering careers and have them back to ZalaZONE later as students or staff members.