ZalaZONE Automotive Proving Ground has a key importance as a complex and integrated Research & Development facility which supports customers and experimental developments. The hub of innovation activities related to ZalaZONE is its Research and Technology Centre. Here joint research projects of the Budapest University of Technology & Economics, the University of Győr, the University, of Pannonia and other higher education partners together with ZalaZONE take place. The Centre is located just beside the proving ground, in a very close relation with its activities. It was opened in 2019 and functions as an incubator/accelerator for SMEs and start-ups as well as university based R&D centre, for Hungarian, regional, European, and global university and industrial partners, where cooperation and collaboration between enterprises and universities are strategically key focus points. The practical dual training program for high school students, where students can acquire the theoretical knowledge, they have received in higher education contributes to the success of the project. ​

The UNIVERSITY TEST TRACK is the small size representation of the large ZalaZONE Proving Ground with 8,500 square meters of asphalt over the entire track but it has the most important test track elements that allow performing low-speed vehicle handling and dynamics tests as well as braking tests. This environment also serves targeted testing of automated and self-driving vehicles. The aim of the facility is to strengthen collaborative research activities of universities and research institutes, and to attract researchers and scientists to ZalaZONE. The primary target users are university research teams and students, the engineers of the future. Thanks to the extensive contacts of the universities, the track is planned to serve international users as well as industrial-university collaborations in the future. 

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ZalaZONE Research & Innovation hosted the 4th Trilateral Conference

On 15th July 2022 ZalaZONE Research & Innovation hosted the 4th Trilateral Conference dedicated to the motto “The synergies of virtual testing and physical testing” on the ZalaZONE Automotive Proving Ground in Hungary. It has been two years since we last met on the trilateral conference, in which experts of autonomous vehicle testing and decision-makers […]
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FS Easter preparation event organized on ZalaZONE

The preparatory competition for the Formula Student East Series was held on June 24-26 at the ZalaZONE Automotive Proving Ground. On the event, organized by the Association of Hungarian Vehicle Engineers and the Innovation and Training Center of the University of Széchenyi, supported by the ZalaZONE R&I Team, attended 5 teams with their own prototype […]
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High-ranking NATO and EU military guests on ZalaZONE

High-ranking NATO and EU military guests visited ZalaZONE on June 13, 2022, as part of the V4 Chief of Defence meeting recently organized in Hungary. In the program, experts sought answers how the V4 countries can work together in the future in the areas of “transformation and innovation”. The visit is also relevant because of […]
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Research and innovation activities on the ZalaZONE Automotive Proving Ground cover the non-economic usage of the research infrastructure. Accordingly, our activities are carried out in following 4 areas: ​

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