Collaborative R&I means collaboration between at least two independent parties, where the parties jointly define the scope, contribute to its implementation, and share its risks and results. Collaborative R&I means collaboration between at least two independent parties to exchange knowledge or technology, or to achieve a common objective based on the division of labour where the parties jointly define the scope of the collaborative project. Under the coordination of the ZalaZONE Research and Innovation, research collaborations have been established or are under preparation with strategic university partners as well as other Hungarian and international universities and research institutions.


ZalaZONE HD Map Models

Self-driving vehicles also need maps – just like us drivers – for route plans, but traditional maps are often inaccurate and contain significantly less information than so-called High-Definition Maps. HD maps are usually based on laser measurements; thus, the accuracy of each road element can be around 2 centimetres. HD map includes road signs, traffic […]
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Test automation

As advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) continuously evolve and develop, the borders between simulation and real-world testing are slowly disappearing. The Budapest University of Technology and Economics and the ZalaZONE R&I Team are working together to develop new testing method, where the virtually created scenarios can be transferred in real-time into an actual physical scenario […]
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