ZalaZONE HD Map Models

Self-driving vehicles also need maps – just like us drivers – for route plans, but traditional maps are often inaccurate and contain significantly less information than so-called High-Definition Maps. HD maps are usually based on laser measurements; thus, the accuracy of each road element can be around 2 centimetres. HD map includes road signs, traffic signs, and various props lining the road.

Our goal is to properly support research in this direction as well, therefore we created an HD map of the selected modules of the ZalaZONE proving ground.

Available modules:

The latter consists of both multiple lane sections and intersections with lane painting. These sections can be used sufficiently during either localization or path planning. These maps are available for free on BME Automated Drive website  downloads tab to provide useful assistance for as many of our partners and researchers as possible.

Available formats for different tools:

We are continuously updating our database. If the construction of a track element is done, we scan it and create road models with cm accuracy in simulation tools.